Ahead of The Great Escape opening in our Fitzroy gallery, we visited Diana Miller in her Byron Bay studio.

This is an exhibition of uplifting work filled with positive paintings. Miller has revisited the positive times in her life and channelled them into her paintings. “These works revisit my childhood, my lucid dreams, my meditation practice and my youthful years travelling overseas.” It is Miller’s intent to lift the mood of the viewer. “It’s an escape into other worlds in which to lose oneself, if only momentarily.”

The Great Escape will exhibit in our Fitzroy gallery from April 22 – May 4. You can find the catalogue and all sales details here.

I’ve gone really bold with my colour use in these works. It ties back to my theme of allowing myself to experiment more with my palette, and being a bit braver with colour.”
— Diana Miller
I’m always trying to move forward and create works that challenge me and aren’t a repetition of what I’ve made in the past. ”
— Diana Miller

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