“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, William. Recently, there has been a shifted focus to draw inwards which has, in turn, highlighted the importance of cultivating your own space as a place of calm and comfort. The placing of beautiful objects can brighten the mundane of daily life or enhance a gathering with loved ones and become something that we attach fond memories to.

It is our pleasure to reveal Useful Treasures/Treasured Useless, a limited-edition series celebrating special items that bring great joy. We chose to work collaboratively with a small group of local designers to develop this collection of new and exclusive artist-made pieces that focus on one of two diametric concepts: useful treasures and the treasured useless. It will come as no surprise to many of you that we have a great reverence for objects that have a somewhat ambiguous function and are appreciated purely for their aesthetics and intrigue.

Ripple Vase Green in Crackle Glaze Stoneware by Luke Ryan O'Connor.

Within this particularly gift-worthy range, you will find a delightful myriad of truly functional objects, treasures to hold treasures, or simply treasures to behold. However, whether these unique items serve a purpose within your home or simply brighten your day is entirely at your own discretion.

Each candle-holder of Kerryn Levy's hand-made Lumena collection is incredibly special and completely unique, lending their own slightly different characteristics and marks of the makers's hand.
The simply delightful Rope Bowls are crafted by Tessy King and exhibit playful colours dancing on the organic, hand-made formations.

Discover inimitable, organic shapes in the form of the Lumena candle holders by Kerryn Levy or the petite Rope Bowls crafted by Tessy King in her signature naive style. Due to the nature of these handmade items, you can be assured that no two pieces are the same. Or perhaps you are drawn to bold graphic forms like Oh Hey Grace’s speckled Monoliths (created as a sculpture but we think they could function as a candle holder too) or Liam Fleming’s Graft Vases. Display with blooms or without.

Is Grace Brown's Monolith sculpture a useful treasure or a treasured useless? You decide.
Designed to be displayed with or without blooms. The Graft Vases by Liam Fleming are hand-blown in both blue and alabaster glass.

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