Let us take you back 500 years ago when terrazzo was discovered in Italy. Terrazzo literally means ‘Terraces’ in Italian, and was born out of frugality in the 15th century, when local Italian marble workers were unable to afford marble for their own terraces. Settling odd-size discarded marble pieces from paying jobs in clay, they created attractive patios or terraces for themselves.

1, Terrazzo-One

1. Venetian marble workers first started using broken and discarded marble pieces off custom marble slabs to build terraces around their homes in the 15th century.

2, Terrazzo-Two

2. As the marble pieces were set in clay, they created rough, uneven surfaces. To even the surfaces, a stone was rubbed all over it to smoothen it out. The process started out by hand and later evolved to a long-handled grinding stone called Galera.

3, Terrazzo-Three

3. Goats milk was used as floor sealant. Yes … you read correctly! Goats milk was applied over the surface which gave it a fantastic bright sheen to the marble pieces.

4, Terrazzo-Four

4. Skipping to this modern day, terrazzo has never looked so good in any interior situation. We’re completely obsessed.

Here are some modern day highlights that are worth mentioning …

6, Terrazzo-Six

(above) British designer Max Lamb developed a multi-coloured engineered marble for Dzek, which was used to build furniture that appears to merge with walls of the same material for an installation in Milan.

7, Terrazzo-Seven

Flat-pack marble tables by Australian designer Jonathan Zawada. Each table is a combination of three pieces of marble or granite.

9, Terrazzo-NINE

We’re so lucky to have some beautiful terrazzo and marble pieces in-store at the moment. Check out the beautiful Dutch Terrazzo coffee table, the stunning Modern Times marble coffee table (available in pink marble too!), the Dutch rectangular coffee table and the charming Dutch square coffee table. We’re always getting new designs in at Modern Times, so it’s always great to drop by the store or browse our collection online if you’re looking for anything special!

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Check out the Modern Times Pinterest page for some inspiration on terrazzo and marble.

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