We had such a beautiful time last week celebrating the launch of Compositions with a bunch of you lovely people and the artist herself, Shelley Horan.

The space was filled with a delightful energy brought by friends and family sharing in this fun and refreshing series of photographs.

Thanks to everyone who came – it was a total blast! And thank you to our trusty friends Blackhearts & Sparrows, StrangeLove and Molly Rose Brewing for delivering the goods.

For those of you who couldn’t visit, we hope you enjoy this album of images shot by Elise Scott to help take you inside the spectacular evening.

Want more of this exhibition? You can download the catalogue and shop all available works here, read about the inspiration for Horan’s exhibited works here, and view photos from the gallery here. Enjoy!

Compositions will exhibit in our Fitzroy gallery until 8 November, 2022.

Opening Night 1

Opening Night 13

Opening Night 15

Opening Night 2

Opening Night 10

Opening Night 9

Opening Night 3

Opening Night 4

Opening Night 11

Opening Night 5

Opening Night 6

Opening Night 12

Opening Night 7

Opening Night 8

Opening Night 14

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