We are thrilled to announce that the Tennant Creek Brio’s Markashoo artwork, which exhibited at Modern Times as part of our Melbourne Design Week exhibition The Borderers, has been acquired by The Department of Australian and First Nations Art at the National Gallery of Victoria.⁠ ⁠
The artwork by Lindsay Nelson, Marcus Camphoo and Rupert Betheras features a multi-layered practice which speaks to both traditional and contemporary motifs derived from cultural practice, popular culture and activist based imagery.⁠ with self-sovereignty, culture and collaboration are at the forefront.

It was a privilege to showcase their work, curated together with Dr Eriza Izett. The artist collective, hailing from their namesake town, produces collaborative work which expresses a dynamic interplay of influences including Aboriginal desert traditions, abstract expressionism, action painting, found or junk art, street art, and art activism.

This is an incredible recognition of the Tennant Creek Brio’s work and we are delighted to see the Tennant Creek/Jurnkurrakurr based artist collective celebrated in such a significant way by the NGV!
The rear of Markashoo, Original Artwork by Lindsay Nelson, Marcus Camphoo and Rupert Betheras, Mixed Media on Whiteboard, 1800 x 1230mm, 2021.

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