There is no doubt we are proud of our archival quality art prints. But, what does ‘archival print’ actually mean?

Our MT Editions are printed on cotton rag paper using pigment inks prints to create the highest quality fine art reproductions. As ‘archival’ suggests, this method of printing creates a museum-quality product designed for pristine longevity.

RAG PAPER – Wait what, it’s printed on a rag? No, the paper is made from cotton fibre, from cloth (rags) as the primary material! Compared to paper pulp, it can last 100 plus years without discolouring or deteriorating and has a luxurious creamy feel which also absorbs ink better. And, bonus – it’s made from textile industry by-product and is 100% recyclable.

PIGMENT INKS – Pigment ink has solid colour suspended in liquid rather than your home printer dye inks that are dyes dissolved in liquid. Dye inks fade fast, pigment inks retain their vibrancy over time.

MT Editions are an exclusive series of archival quality, limited edition art prints by contemporary Australian artists.

So, with this in mind MT Editions offer brilliant value to either kickstart or grow your art collection (they start at $110). All produced in collaboration with contemporary Australian artists no less! And we haven’t even got on to the beautiful framing – we’ll save that for next time…

If you don’t know where to start – use our curated style edits to shop directly via your desired aesthetic. And please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email for advice! Explore online today.⁠

+ $5 from every MT Editions print sale is donated to The Torch, an organisation supporting Indigenous men and women in their in-prison and post-release programs.

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