What is your most treasured piece of art or design object?

My most treasured piece of art would have to be an oil painting on linen by my dear friend and artist, Madeline Simm. It’s a small abstract piece but it has really great energy and a calming vibe.

When and how did it come into your possession?

This artwork was actually made specially for me. It was given to me by the artist herself for my 21st birthday present, what a great gift!

Hannah Nowlan in her studio.
Photo: Lucy Amon

What has this piece given you in terms of enrichment, enjoyment, and fulfilment?

I was so grateful to receive this painting as a gift, as I really admire Maddi’s work and it’s hard to come across an artist who is as genuine as her. Over the time I’ve owned this painting it has moved seamlessly with me from space to space. From my art studio, to my bedroom and now to my new house, it now sits pride of place in my kitchen. This piece continues to bring an immense amount of positive energy into the space and mirrors the calm, slow living ethos, that I’m all about.

How does it make you feel when you admire it, and why does it stir this emotion?

This artwork makes me feel happy and peaceful! I believe you can feel the joy and positivity from the artist escaping the painting. The simple colour palette and subtle texture play a big role in creating these emotions.

What piece of art or design object from Modern Times are you wishing for this Christmas?

Oh! It’s so hard to choose just one item! Can I be greedy and wish for three design objects this year!? Hmmmm… this Christmas I’m wishing for one of Amanda Dziedzic’s Glass Bonsai’s OR a Louise Kyriakou Ceramic Sun Face OR one of the stunning Cobalt Blue vessels by Alexandra Standen. Let’s hope Santa spoils everyone with art gifts this year!

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