Artist Caroline Walls kindly caught up with us in our round of artist chats to talk about a special work in her collection that inspires her everyday.

What is your most treasured piece of art or design object?

My most loved piece of art in our home is a photograph by Cass Bird, it’s a black and white print and is one of the images featured in her book, Rewilding.

1, CW_Studio 03

When and how did it come into your possession?

I’ve had it now since 2012, I purchased it when her book was released and it sits framed in Tasmanian oak on my bedside table so I wake up to it every morning.

4, CW_Studio 05

How does it make you feel when you admire at it, and why does it stir this emotion?

The image is of four naked women in a wild landscape in Sassafras, it’s free, unrestrained and unselfconscious, and those are the feelings it evokes when I look at it.

6, CW_Studio 07

What has this piece given you in terms of enrichment, enjoyment, and fulfillment?

The image, as with the entire photographic series from the book, is an exploration of femininity, sexuality and identity, themes that I like to explore in my own work, albeit in a different way. It’s a gentle reminder everyday to keep creating and delving deeper.

7, CW_Studio 08

What piece of art or design object from Modern Times are you wishing for this Christmas?

The Flag Halyard arm chair by Hans J Wegner would be very loved in our home!
Photo credits: Bobby Clark

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