We’re excited to present Impressions, a new body of work by Taj (Deams) Alexander. Drawing from his personal experience arising from the pandemic, Alexander delivers an emotionally charged body of work in response to these tumultuous times. Scroll below to see the work or read more in our conversation with Taj on the Journal which includes a great film of Taj in his studio.

September 9 – September 19, 2021

Online and in our window, 311 Smith St, Fitzroy.

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In place of an in-person visit, currently forbidden, enjoy this film by Raphael Recht of Impressions installed at Modern Times.

Aleaxander says, “As a collective, humanity has endured a destabilising experience. The challenges that have arisen from this pandemic have affected the fabric of our culture. Our ability to explore and interact freely with our environment has been compromised.” These new works are defined as both physical and conceptual impressions represented through highly saturated and texturally detailed paintings.

Synthetic Polymer & Pigment on Linen, Mounted on Aluminium Composite Panel
Tasmanian Oak Frame
908mm X 708mm X 40mm (ea)
These imprints have revealed a complex map of the artists mental territories. They embody a sense of overwhelm and emotion through form and colour.”
Synthetic Polymer & Pigment on Linen
1386mm X 1036mm X 48mm
Tasmanian Oak Frame

The images resemble an abstracted topography that has in-turn allowed for the expression of freedom within a new kind of landscape.

The title Impressions also speaks to the physical act of mark-making where the artist employs a range of unique, custom-made, tools to impress texture into the surface of the painting.

Impressions opens at Modern Times September 9. View the works below.

Photography credit Raphael Recht

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