We’re excited to present Domestic Talisman, a new body of work by Australian ceramicist and artist Ella Bendrups. This series of totemic sculptures and clay paintings reinterprets ancient protective amulets. Scroll down to read more and see all the exhibition works.

September 30 – October 10, 2021

Online and in our window, 311 Smith St, Fitzroy.

Ella Bendrups is a Naarm/Melbourne based emerging ceramic artist who creates innate forms refined for a modern context. Ella’s practice explores ancient clay and stone artefacts and their ability to transcend the times and cultures in which they were created. She embraces the expressive nature of hand building, pinching, coiling and carving clay to highlight the maker’s touch.

Three large-scale totemic sculptures form the major work of the series.

In Domestic Talisman large-scale totemic forms elicit feelings of strength and stability, which are reinforced by the visual and physical weight of the hand coiled pieces. The thirteen segments take inspiration from ancient bone, horn, terracotta, glass and wooden beads. A surface treatment of repetitive hammering generates a meditative mood, and emphasises the play of light across and around the bodies of the pieces.

A surface treatment of repetitive hammering generates a meditative mood, says Bendrups
The raw colour of the fired clay is preserved, speaking to the earth from which it originated. ”
— Ella Bendrups

The three major works are shown alongside their half scale artist maquettes. Accompanying the sculptures are three paintings which echo the soft neutral palette and powerful shapes of the talismans, evoking a sense of quiet strength.

The half scale maquettes.
Paintings accompany the sculptures echoing the form and colours of the talismans

With a background in styling supported by studies in Communication Design and Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT University, Ella began social ceramics classes in late 2015 before progressing to a self-led explorative practice. She has participated in exhibitions in Victoria and New South Wales since 2018. In 2021 she completed a residency at Northcote Pottery Supplies, where Domestic Talisman was researched and produced. Bendrups will be a Maker in Residence as part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Contemporary Program.

We look forward to welcoming Ella Bendrups as our Artist in Focus . You will find all the works below and proudly displayed in our window from Sept 30

Photography credit Emma Weaving and Ella Bendrups

Bendrups produced this body of work as part of her recent residency at Northcote Pottery supplies, relishing the time to research, and the space to produce large scale works.

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