Injalak Arts Centre and Modern Times are delighted to present Nahnan, an exhibition showcasing a truly dedicated group of First Nations artists from the community of Gunbalanya, NT - Alicia Mardday, Christine Ngalbarndidj Nabobbob, Djibigula Djayhgurrnga, Doris Guymala, Janice Nalorlman, Karen Watson, Kristelle Murdilnga, Lynne Nadjowh, Patsy Manganala and Trixie Nadjerrer.

Together, their works explore the deeply rooted traditions of caring for country, and the many forms in which this takes shape for the daluks (women) living on Kunwinjku land today.


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Each of these artists have drawn direct inspiration from traditional fibre works and techniques, passed down through generations. Objects taking the form of 'Marebus' (Woven Mats) and 'Manjabus' (Fish Traps) are showcased, demonstrating how fibre was traditionally used to collect bush foods shared with one another. 


"We always went out and got that pandanus for weaving, walking out into the bush for pandanus to make dilly bags, fish traps and marebu to sit on, same as we do now. Keeps our hands and bodies strong walking on our country, staying strong with our culture." Christine Ngalbarndidj Nabobbob



Nahnan, meaning 'to care for', wishes to share an insight into the way these artists care for their country, highlighting how important it is and always will be for the Kunwinjku people. This collection of work marks more than a demonstration of masterful craftsmanship, it represents the relationship the artists share with the land, and how intertwined it is with every facet of their practice, from beginning to end.


This multifaceted art centre is home to artists, weavers, printers and craftspeople of the likes. The work produced by the artists at Injalak is inspired directly by their connection to culture, country and the fellow people of West Arnhem land. 




We’re thrilled to present Nahnan in collaboration with Injalak Arts Centre. This exhibition will be proudly displayed in our gallery from 18 - 28 May.  We look forward to welcoming you all to see it soon!


This event is part of Melbourne Design Week 2023, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.