Modern Times is delighted to present Luminous Unknown, a mesmerising and immersive exhibition by multi-disciplinary artist Daniel O’Toole.

In this new series of work, O’Toole delves into the realm of colour and light frequencies beyond human perception, inspired by the extraordinary vision of creatures from the insect world, and how interpretations of sound can be reimagined through this lens. 


Pictured: Beacon, 400 x 600mm, dye sublimation on aluminium, custom aluminium welded frame, mirror inlay and acrylic face, 2023.


Intrigued by the notion that butterflies can perceive light frequencies beyond our potential, O'Toole embarks on a journey to divulge the unseen. A resonating palette of luminous oranges, vibrant pinks and fluorescent greens are hidden behind a semi transparent layer of acrylic. The layer acts as a light refracting veil, melting each colour softly into one another. 



“O’Toole is one of those artists with a seemingly endless drive and an infinite curiosity about the world. Luminous Unknown embodies these almost limitless energies and his passion for experimentation – it illuminates the unknown almost impossibly,”
— Baden Pailthorpe



O’Toole’s art practice is inextricably linked to his practice as a musician and producer. Simultaneously developing an album of music, of the same title, meditating on themes of perception via the audible, gives O’Toole the platform for this body of work to unfold in a process of working that involves all the senses.


Pictured: The Long Now, 1300 x 900mm, dye sublimation on aluminium, custom aluminium welded frame, mirror inlay and acrylic face, 2023.


Using his atmospheric sounds as a catalyst, O'Toole translates the intangible into visual form, incorporating a harmonious interplay of colours that exude both subtlety and unease. The juxtaposition of opposing hues with similar tonal values creates a sensory symphony, evoking a sense of discovery akin to witnessing the mesmerising iridescence found in nature.


Pictured: Artist image of Daniel O'Toole.


Daniel O'Toole's innovative exploration of colour, light, and perception invites you to witness the unseeable and discover new dimensions of artistic expression. Luminous Unknown will be on display in the gallery from 3 August - 15 August.

Join us at the opening for the full experience viewing the works accompanied by the sounds of 'The Luminous Unknown' - please enjoy a snippet below of Refurbished Tranquility, a track from the featured album.



On the Journal: In Conversation with O'Toole

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