We’re delighted to announce our surreal upcoming show, Vivid Nostalgia, a joint exhibition featuring work from ceramicist Lucy Tolan and painter Yan Guo.

Exhibition Dates
28 April – 10 May 2022

Exhibition Opening
6-8pm, Thursday 28 April – please remember to BYO vessel to drink from!

Exhibition Partners
Blackhearts & Sparrows

Exhibition Presales:
All artworks are now available for purchase!

Tolan works intuitively and fluidly with slab-building techniques which she has developed through her art practice. Image shot by Janelle Low

Vivid Nostalgia is a joyful collaboration between the two Naarm (Melbourne) based artists exploring architectural forms within the context of memories, both real and imagined. The sublime works merge abstraction with realism through basic geometric forms, while simultaneously capturing the organic nature of human touch and interaction.

Guo believes painting these works – particularly under the circumstances of the last two years – has felt like a, "form of nostalgic travel; an exercise in teleportation"

Guo’s work explores the concept of memories and the preservation of observations – the convergence of hard and soft edges using both traditional brush strokes and airbrushing techniques creates both precision and haziness, an analogy for the nature of memories and our handling and recollection of them in the future.

The compositions of buildings and people often result in strange and unusual juxtapositions that are unexpectedly harmonious, intending to allude to numerous possible narratives.”
— Yan Guo
Tolan's vessels represent places in her dreams that aren’t quite tangible and have no clarity but invoke feelings of euphoria and confusion. Image shot by Janelle Low

In response, Tolan’s sculptural vessels are formed in porcelain paper clay and held together by her signature seams. She creates tension and harmony through the employment of new textures and emphasised surfaces to unify the different panels despite the juxtaposed materiality. The resulting surfaces are reminiscent of concrete constructions, and realised in a playful scale.

The architectural forms... embody what we create within our minds and within our interactions and communities. They’re nostalgic for the future, a future we can create through our communities. A shared vision of an abundant, benevolent, queer future.”
— Lucy Tolan
Guo invites viewers to uncover more than just the casual observation of strangers.

Tolan and Guo’s shared vision of whimsical constructed environments and experiences are bought to life in Vivid Nostalgia; the fantastical colour palette ranges from subdued tones to vivid hues, adding to the heightened reality, or dream-scape, of the artists’ creative worlds.

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