Modern Times is delighted to present Subtle Realms, a group exhibition bringing together three distinct Melbourne artists. Printmaker – Jennifer Tarry-Smith, ceramicist – Hilary Green, and painter – Ria Green.

Each artist, working in their own unique medium, and approaching their practice from completely different perspectives, realise work that brings forth an internal sensory experience into a physical form. Each work reflects a physical process guided by intuition.


Tarry-Smith reflects on the intricacies of improvised jazz music.  Encoding her emotional response to the merging of pattern and chaos through repetitive swirling linework that oscillates between the organic and the positively psychedelic. Similarly, Hilary Green’s sculpted ceramic forms are also dynamic and alive.  Familiar forms are twisted into surreal representations that transcend the mundane into the realms of ‘magic domesticity’. Amongst her works, candle-holders formed as rock-like stacks in a perfect balance, or twirling ceramic coral that feels as though it’s been frozen in time in the sweep of a current.



Also translating moments of wonderment, Ria Green’s abstract paintings are channelled via a deep engagement with the natural world – incorporating dirt, clay and natural materials sourced directly from the land itself. Through a mysterious alchemy combining materials, colour palette and technique, Ria Green captures nature’s fleeting moment’s, those experienced amongst nature that you’re unable to grasp.




Subtle Realms is an exhibition with a spiritual and ethereal dimension that can be experienced through direct engagement with the aesthetics and physical output of this deeply thoughtful group of artists. Together these artists present us with a sensational collection of work that explores a myriad of soft hues, undulating forms and a spectrum of textures.

We invite you to surrender to a new realm, engaging with works that are of another world. This exhibition will be showcased in our gallery from 20 April until 4 May.


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