Modern Times is proud to present Desire, an exhibition of original artworks by Bree Cribbin, Clementine Maconachie and Kasper Raglus. Exploring elegant simplicity, an engagement with minimalist aesthetics which emerges as a breath of fresh air, we look forward to sharing their wonderful works. For more information about the collection, dive into the Journal here.

Exhibition Dates
15-27 September, 2022

Exhibition Opening

6-8pm, Thursday 15 September – please remember to BYO vessel!
Wurundjeri, 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Exhibition Partners
Blackhearts & Sparrows

Bree Cribbin
Stoneware, 280 x 260 x 230mm

This exhibition brings together works by three artists whose work collectively spans sculpture and painting, engaging a range of materials from porcelain to brass, oil paint and aluminium. Despite the diversity of each artist’s practice, their works are linked by an elegant simplicity, an engagement with minimalist aesthetics which emerges as a breath of fresh air.

As I navigated my way through love, lust, and loss, I was experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, dreams, and instinctual urges. Like a beautiful yet painful dramatic dance, I felt the urges of desire pushing me to seek pleasure.”
— Bree Cribbin
Kasper Raglus
Oil on Board, Framed in Hardwood 550 x 470mm

Exploring the tension of the push-and-pull of desire, each work examines the possibilities that are presented when the medium is approached in a new and raw way.

Raglus develops his colour palette, combining colours in unexpected ways and creating compelling optical effects through impeccable line work. Cribbin massages blocks of clay into delicate and ethereal organic shapes, which embody a weightless-ness that seems improbable for the medium. Similarly Maconachie’s metal work sculptures are incredibly fluid and soft, despite their cold, hard materiality.

Exploring romantic themes and letting them dictate the structure and colour has been exciting for me... I really enjoyed using new colours and pushing what I thought was possible with my brush technique.”
— Kasper Raglus
Clementine Maconachie
Imperfect Folded Brass 550 x 300 x 280mm
My folded wall sculptures come from my desire to turn something hard cold and flat into something soft, dynamic and beautiful. Inspired by water, waves and other shapes in nature.”
— Clementine Maconachie

Together, the artists achieve a winsome collection which flows gently between each artist’s individual practice and style.

We invite the viewer to surrender to desire, seek pleasure and engage with these graceful, yet tactile artworks.

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