Modern Times is delighted to present Cherish, a solo exhibition by Victorian artist Kasper Raglus. With a studio based by the Southern Ocean in Victoria, Raglus’ latest collection of refined geometric abstractions, plot a purist's pathway through the noise, chatter and chaos of contemporary life.


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Featuring a series of 20 oil paintings on ply, Raglus’ new body of work pursues the idea of holding on or letting go of one’s memories. True to his signature style, he continues to explore variations of the diamond motif - playing with perspective, he repositions the motif within and out of the frame - anchoring, restraining, or interrupting them with blocks of colour. 


"With each painted composition I have tried to balance space and colour to reflect on the most stripped back human emotions we go through on a daily basis. For each person these emotions vary, I believe the abstract nature of the work allows individuals a place to harbour these differences,"
— Kasper Raglus
Pictured: Devotion by Kasper Raglus, Acrylic & Oil on birch ply, 600 x 600 x 45mm, 2023.


For works that adhere to the aesthetics of minimalism, they are simultaneously steeped in emotion, emphasised by a romantic palette filled with deep reds, blush pinks and vibrant oranges. With Raglus’ immaculately rendered linework, Raglus creates architectural compositions akin to those of unfolding fractals. These geometric illusions pull the viewer ever forward, inviting them to negotiate a maze of vivid lines and colours.


A vivid exploration of sentiment, Cherish marks Raglus’ third solo show with Modern Times gallery. 


In Conversation: Kasper Raglus