6-8pm, Thursday 21 September

Open Wednesday 13 September

Artists Talk
10am Saturday 23rd September

Modern Times
311 Smith Street, Fitzroy

We’re delighted to welcome back to international photographic artist Brooke Holm with her stunning exhibition ‘Mineral Matter’. Opening Thursday 21st September, Brooke’s solo show will premiere a highly anticipated body of work depicting Iceland’s dynamic landscape.

Brooke Holm with Mineral Matter II

Join us in this beautiful exploration of Iceland’s river deltas, the flow of minerals through streams and rivers. Photographed entirely from above, this series is a departure from the earlier work examining the impact of human interference on the landscape. ‘Mineral Matter’ is focused rather on the energy and force within nature in creating pathways and areas where humans can then reside, explore and embark on adventure

Volcanic ash, sediment and colourful minerals are collected and moved by the travels of glacier water while recent human relics such as vehicle tracks and footsteps weave in and out of frame”

Brooke is able to represent the forceful command of nature with a divine sensitivity, showing textured tracks; flights of birds; and ripple of waves to create a sense of uninhabited wilderness. Her lens captures the awe-inspiring influence of nature and puts humanity’s domination over the environment into question.

Brooke Holm, On location in Iceland for Mineral Matter

Currently based in New York, Brooke’s practice takes her across the world, documenting landscapes in a considered and distinctive approach for which she has become renowned.

Brooke’s work has featured in a number of solo and group exhibition across the world, this will be her second solo exhibition with Modern Times.

Join Brooke Holm and the Modern Times team at the exhibition opening for a celebratory drink kindly supplied by Scotchman’s Hill.

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