Clan: Warlpiri

Warrick Miller Japangardi is a proud Warlpiri man. He was born in Katherine in 1987 and grew up mostly around Yuendumu and Lajamanu. Warrick started painting in Mt Theo, an outstation North-West of Yuendumu before moving to Ali Curung.

Miller paints with great pride and devotion to preserving and teaching Warlpiri culture. Within his multidisciplinary practice, he is an adept maker of traditional boomerangs, spearees, coolamon, stone knives, shields and ceremonial hair belts, of which he is presently the only maker in Ali Curung. Miller's practice uses traditional techniques as a vehicle for his contemporary vision of Warlpiri aesthetics.

Miller has exhibited at multiple Desert Mob shows in Alice Springs, and at Arlpwe’s 2022 group show Off The Beaten Track at Japingka gallery, Fremantle.