'The Tennant Creek Brio’ emerged out of the Tennant Creek Men’s art program which started in 2016 as an art therapy/outreach program set up by Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corp. The group, a mix of fringe dwellers and cultural leaders, have continued to work together and often collaboratively, forming an unique and cutting edge artists collective. Their work pushes conventions, drawing on imagery and traditions from the Wirnkarra (Dreaming), the Old Testament and mythic iconography from around the world. Their action paintings and performance represent the enthusiasm and dedication of the collective as they continue to develop a cathartic visual language fuelled by the complexities of life in Tennant Creek.

The Brio artists include: Fabian Brown, Rupert Betheras, Marcus Camphoo (DoubleOO), Simon Wilson, Lindsay Nelson, Clifford Thompson, Mathew Ladd, David Duggie, Joseph Williams and Jimmy Frank.

The work of the Brio has been exhibited nationally, notably at the 22nd Biennale of Sydney (2020) on Cockatoo Island, and at Artspace Gallery in Woolloomooloo, and at the recent Melbourne Art Fair (2022). 

Image of artists shot by Harry Price at Warrego Mine, Tennant Creek.