Founded in 2021, Ferro Forma is the culmination of a long-standing partnership between metalsmiths Alison Jackson and Dan Lorrimer. Having worked collaboratively for many years, they bring together their shared expertise with Alison's background in traditional silversmithing and jewellery, and Dan’s training in contemporary sculpture, tool-making and machining.

Together, they run Ferro Forma, a metalsmithing studio workshop specialising in handcrafted, small batch edition objects across contemporary jewellery, flatware and vessels.

Crafting high quality, timeless pieces, designed and made to last a lifetime is at the heart of Ferro Forma. Genuinely loving the process - every stage from idea to creation and each little step in between - often fuels further ideas and inspiration.

Using a wide range of traditional and modern metal-forming techniques, pairing fine hand skills, hand machining and complex industrial processes, using machinery that spans from the 1850s to today. Ultimately, blending old-world making with contemporary design.

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