Daniel O'Toole's work embraces imperfection and low-resolution modes of recording as an aesthetic decision, making videos of natural phenomena to use as a reference for paintings. Inspired by personal experiences of synaesthesia, he seeks to deliver a connected dialogue between sensory modes of communication; primarily between colour and sound.

Fortifying his interests in painting at National Art School and going on to open a shopfront gallery post study, O’Toole was a director of ‘Oh Really gallery’ for 3 years from 2008-2011, and went on to run a second gallery ‘Soldiers Road gallery’ (2012-2013) in Surry Hills.

O’Toole has since exhibited regularly around Australia in over 30 exhibitions and has shown at the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Art Gallery of Benalla, performed live painting at the Powerhouse Museum and worked internationally on residency programs in Berlin and Lyon. In September 2021 he was also part of the Brussels Affordable Art Fair, Belgium, represented by Nationale 8 Gallery.

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