Carissa Karamarko is an emerging artist based in Melbourne, Australia, whose practice is defined by a relentless pursuit of exploration and evolution. Karamarko's work spans the investigation of cultural narratives, history, the complexities of interpersonal relationships and the intangible aspects of human nature. Through her art, Karamarko investigates personal histories, how they overlap with our present and how they might inform our future selves.

Initially focused on traditional still life painting, Karamarko's art has naturally journeyed into abstraction in recent years. Primarily working with oil paint, Karamarko's recent exhibitions have seen her integrate a wider range of materials and processes, allowing her to add depth and variety to her pursuit of storytelling.

Karamarko is heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionism. With this in mind, she has worked to incorporate the use of generous mark-making and a language of colour in her art. The performative approach to painting, synonymous with the ideals of this genre also resonates deeply with the relationship music has to Karamarko's studio practice.

Karamarko has been a finalist in numerous art prizes including the Hawkesbury Art Prize (2021) Geelong Contemporary Art Award (2018), and the Mosman Art Award (2018) and most recently the Campbelltown Arts Centre Fisher's Ghost Award (2023).