Bree Cribbin is a Multidisciplinary Artist based in Sydney.

Materialising sensations into tactile forms, her ceramic sculptures are alchemical expressions that channel and document energy. Exploring intangible realms through sound, dreams, meditation and spirit, Cribbin brings the formless to form. The works are intuitively driven with no piece being made more than once and they are often rotatable.

“Whenever I create with clay, I intentionally connect to my soul and the energies within and around me. It has become a spiritual practice that allows me to explore and communicate the ineffable realms where feelings and rhythms exist. I never pre-design or plan the pieces. However, sometimes I have visions of forms that tell me it’s time to make again. Somewhere between energetic self-portraits and forms of wisdom, the pieces always seem to reveal insights into my subconscious and the world around me.”

Cribbin’s training began in a pottery village in Vietnam, inspiring her to study under several artists in Berlin, China, Indonesia and Australia before completing a Diploma in Ceramics. Currently majoring in Sculpture at National Art School, Cribbin has been a finalist in multiple Australian art prizes, received several scholarships and teaches Ceramics and Sculpture in Sydney.