We get excited about new Australian art, and we know you do too, which is why we wanted to take a moment to re-introduce you to the Modern Times Editions, with our highlights on what makes these the perfect pieces for first time art buyers or anyone wishing to brighten up a spot with something affordable!

A Limited Collection Created With our Artists:

We have a deep appreciation for art and design, as we foster local talent with constant rotations of original artwork, and regular exhibitions by both emerging and established contemporary Australian artists. During show periods we endeavour to carefully curate with our artists a unique selection of the best works which translate effortlessly to the print format. The MT Editions are our series of exclusive archival quality limited edition art, all of which are hand-signed and numbered by the artists featuring artworks by Mark Alsweiler, Stephen Baker, Elizabeth Barnett, Chris Clements, Sandra Eterovic, Sarah Kelk, Ellie Malin, Hannah Nowlan, Kasper Raglus, Stacey Rees, Billie Justice Thomson, and Caroline Walls.

You can shop and view the affordable range of limited MT Edition art prints on display in our Melbourne showroom and gallery, and also available online now here!

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