We are thrilled to announce that Ebony Heidenreich’s Cosmos coffee table, which exhibited at Modern Times as part of our Melbourne Design Week exhibition Material Thought, has been acquired by The Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture at the National Gallery of Victoria.

This is an incredible recognition of Ebony’s work and we are delighted to see an emerging designer celebrated in such a significant way by the NGV.

We are huge fans of Ebony’s and have such admiration for where she has taken her practice in such a short amount of time. Her work encompasses functional, wearable and sculptural objects, and her pared back design approach stems from her love of both modernist and ancient architecture.

The Cosmos coffee table, which is made from reclaimed clay, is hand made to order and is a limited edition.

This is an exciting time and we’re proud to be one of the voices in the conversation surrounding contemporary design in Australia. Congratulations Ebony, we cannot wait to see what else lies ahead for you and to continue to share your work in our showroom and gallery!

Ebony Heidenreich's Cosmos coffee table exhibited at Modern Times earlier this year as part of our exhibition for Melbourne Design Week, 'Material Thought'.
This is an incredible recognition of Ebony's work and we're so proud to showcase and support her practice at Modern Times.

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