As we celebrate the launch of The New Heirlooms, our Christmas campaign which celebrates limited-edition artist-made pieces and the notion of giving and receiving those very special gifts, we take the opportunity to chat with our artists and designers about the special heirlooms in their life. First up, and new designer with Modern Times, is Christopher Boots!

Thank you to Christopher for telling us the beautiful story of his treasured velvet blanket handed down from his grandma and woven with the stories of his Greek heritage.

Is there something you really treasure, perhaps it was handed down to you or you would like to see it passed on?

One of my most treasured items is a velvet blanket my grandmother gave to me. It was her wedding gift, probably made around 1955. She’s given me dozens of beautiful handmade Greek rugs and textiles over the years, gradually transmitting the histories that she carried with her from the village via boat upon immigration to Melbourne in the 50s, shipped in a large trunk sheathed in painted metal, a dowry chest of sorts with all of the manchester made by her mother, her mother’s mother.. a continual stream of woven stories.

Most of the rugs, throws and blankets in the chest are made from goat or lambswool, dyed with natural pigments in reds, blacks and greens.

The velvet blanket though is a mass produced item but I love it as the colours are deep indigo and golds, a tad kitsch, but it speaks to my love of travelling, of crossing continents in search of a better life, of taking a risk but still holding a piece of home close to you to keep you warm, safe and loved.

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Christopher with his treasured piece!

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