The Borderers by artist collective The Tennant Creek Brio is exhibiting in our Fitzroy showroom until 27 March! It’s been an absolute honour to present this powerful and incredible work and what’s more, this was the first time we’ve ever emptied the MT space for a total showroom takeover. What a joy it’s been.

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Friday to celebrate the opening – it was a special afternoon and we were so fortunate to be joined by co-curator Dr Eriza Izett along with several members from The Brio and Blak Pearl Studio Fitzroy.

And a huge thanks to our exhibition partners StrangeLove, United Measures, Self-titled, Matthew Stanton, Everyday Coffee and Pinky Print as this show could not have been made possible without their enormous generosity.

Want more of this exhibition? You can download the catalogue and shop all remaining works here!

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