The Great Escape by Byron Bay artist Diana Miller is exhibiting now in our Fitzroy gallery!

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Thursday evening to celebrate the opening – it was a beautiful evening made even better thanks to our exhibition partners Blackhearts & Sparrows and Sample Brew.

Want more of this exhibition? Read our chat with Miller on the journal, head inside her studio through our Video Series, and listen to Miller’s Studio Sounds playlist on Spotify. You can also shop all available works here!

Thegreatescape 9

Thegreatescape 1

Thegreatescape 16

Thegreatescape 4

Thegreatescape 19

Thegreatescape 2

Thegreatescape 17

Thegreatescape 25

Thegreatescape 22

Thegreatescape 3

Thegreatescape 5

Thegreatescape 6

Thegreatescape 7

Thegreatescape 14

Thegreatescape 10

Thegreatescape 20

Thegreatescape 26

Thegreatescape 21

Thegreatescape 8

Thegreatescape 11

Thegreatescape 13

Thegreatescape 15

Thegreatescape 24

Thegreatescape 23

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