The last few months have felt like living in a strange bubble. It’s not over yet but there’s already been many takeaways and things to process – some easy to digest, others more difficult.

For us, launching Kasper Raglus’ exhibition Reflections – which has been in the works for quite some time – has felt like a monumental step forward. And we couldn’t be happier to be taking it with longtime friend and Modern Times artist, Kasper.

While we are saddened to not hold our traditional opening night and welcome you into the showroom for bubbles, we are celebrating in many other ways – such as taking you inside the exhibition here on the journal, with incredible photography and video by Elise Scott.

If you’re in Victoria and able to visit us, please do so during our updated opening hours! If not, immerse yourself in this brilliant body of work here, read our In Conversation with Kasper (also on the journal) and shop the exhibition from the comfort of your own home.

Kasperraglus 1

Kasperraglus 17

Kasperraglus 10

Kasperraglus 6

Kasperraglus 16

Kasperraglus 7

Kasperraglus 2

Kasperraglus 3

Kasperraglus 4

Kasperraglus 5

Kasperraglus 15

Kasperraglus 18

Kasperraglus 19

Kasperraglus 20

Kasperraglus 14

Kasperraglus 13

Kasperraglus 9

Photography by Elise Scott Photography.

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