1, unnamed

Tom Blachford and Brooke Thorn hanging out together in store.

Each absolutely nailing it in their own right, Tom Blachford and Brooke Thorn have both brought their A-game to deliver incredible new work to Modern Times.

Photographer Tom Blachford recently delivered some works from the second series of ‘Midnight Modern’, including this seriously amazing shot of the Kaufmann House by night. I actually can’t describe how incredible this image is….

Anyway, not long after, ceramicist Brooke Thorn dropped by with a selection of her ‘Serving Suggestions’ ceramics range in the most beautiful deep sea blue glaze.

In a surprise moment, when we paired them together, each one brought out the beauty in the other. The palette of Brooke’s ceramics brought out the midnight hues in Tom’s photographic masterpiece and it just worked!

This inspired us to create some more unlikely pairings of Tom’s photography with Brooke’s ceramics. Here are some of our favourites!

2, BT and TB 1

L-R: 470 W Vista Chino Side by Tom Blachford, Small Shallow Dish by Brooke Thorn

4, TB and BT 2

L-R: 1070 E Apache Front by Tom Blachford, Large Jug by Brooke Thorn

3, BT and TB 3

L-R: 977 N Rose by Tom Blachford, Teardrop Bottle Vase by Brooke Thorn

All available to shop now!

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