We’re thrilled to present our first exhibition since facing the global pandemic – Reflections by Kasper Raglus.

Pre-sales are now open; you can purchase the works online (scroll down) and we will be in touch to discuss delivery. Or, you can purchase over the phone or via email. We would be happy to arrange a private viewing should you wish to view a work ahead of the exhibition launch date on June 4.

Exhibition Dates
June 4 – 18 2020

Exhibition Partners
Blackhearts and Sparrows
Sample Brew

Modern Times Gallery
311 Smith St,
Fitzroy VIC 3065

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This series of 22 oil paintings on marine ply continues Kasper's steadfast refinement of his own form of geometric abstraction.

This series of oil paintings on marine ply continues Kasper Raglus‘ steadfast refinement of his own form of geometric abstraction. In each work his signature diamond motif shifts in and out of the picture plane – anchored, constrained or interrupted by blocks of vivid colour and animated with immaculately rendered linework.

The work of Frank Stella or Agnes Martin is evoked, with Kasper’s artist father Jeff Raglus being a major direct influence, but Kasper’s work is stubbornly original.

For this new body of work I wanted to create spaces for people to look forward and back in their lives. Each painting is a symbol of things that are everlasting, love and new beginnings, waves and landscapes, silence and sound.”
— Kasper Raglus

‘Despite Raglus’s disciplined adherence to a minimalist aesthetic, the work is steeped in romanticism and emotion. This imbues the work with a warmth and humanity, which in combination with the aesthetic properties of each work, draws the viewer in and creates a contemplative space that is particularly timely,’ adds Modern Times director Amy Malin.

Reflections is Kasper’s second solo exhibition at Modern Times. Kasper has exhibited widely in group and solo shows across Australia and has been a finalist in multiple art awards including the Muswellbrook Art Prize this year and Fishers Ghost Art Award last year. Kasper is dedicated to the daily practice of his craft from his home studio on the Victorian Coast.

Reflections is Kasper’s second solo exhibition at Modern Times and it will exhibit from June 4 - 18.

Due to the restrictions surrounding Covid-19 we will not be holding an opening, however we would be delighted to welcome you into the showroom from June 4 – 18 when the exhibition will be on display.

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