We’re thrilled to welcome you into the showroom for our final exhibition of the year – A Gentle Unwinding. Showcasing the work of artists from the Modern Times community, this show explores the relationship between relaxation, tension and the various stages of unwinding resulting in more than 80 artworks spanning a variety of methods and practices.

Exhibition Dates
17 November – 10 December, 2022

Exhibition Opening

6-8pm, Thursday 17 November – please remember to BYO vessel!
Wurundjeri, 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Exhibition Partners
Blackhearts & Sparrows
Molly Rose Brewing

Exhibition Sales
Sales open at 10am on Thursday 17 November online, via phone and in store. We advise purchasing online as the best way to secure your favourite piece. Please be ready to secure the work through payment in full.

If you would like any additional information about this process or if you wish to request a shipping quote ahead of sales opening, please get in touch with our team.

Please note, ArtMoney applications must be approved ahead of your purchase being finalised, so we encourage you to apply ahead of sales opening.

Stacey Rees, 'POT 1.', Acrylic on Board, 600 x 600 x 18mm, 2022

Many reflections shared in this exhibition have been positive – now we are reconnecting with loved ones interstate and even internationally, postponed travel adventures can finally resume and simple pleasures of dinner at a restaurant or seeing your favourite band play a gig are no longer a thing of the past.

Yet, external factors continue to dominate headlines and affect our lives in new ways. Another year of the pandemic passes along with faded dreams of a full return to normalcy, war rages in Ukraine and cost-of-living pressures rise, while a change in government may or may not be providing hope within communities. What is the impact of this dramatic push and pull on the individual and society more broadly?

Kerryn Levy, 'Strawberry Moon', Australian Stoneware, Epoxy, 23ct gold leaf, 360 x 290 x 260mm, 2022

A reoccurring theme of repair, release and renewal emerges throughout the works of the exhibition. Kerryn Levy’s undulating sculpture Strawberry Moon features kintsugi techniques, delicately scarring the pink surface with gold, while Lucy Tolan’s vessels Weep 1 and 2 consider the release of tension via the literal opening of seams.

Painter Sarah Kelk reaches for the comfort of the familiar whilst simultaneously acknowledging the presence of tension scattered amongst the fond memories. Kelk describes her work as a soft layer next to strong layer, an unexpected colour burst, a constant state or relaxation and tension’.

Our end of year group show is punctuated with bright colours, graphic forms and expressions of dynamic movement. I see a bold and surprising expression of confidence, in a time of so many unknowns. I’m heartened to be heading into 2023 with the vibrancy and optimism conveyed in A Gentle Unwinding.”
— Amy Malin, co-director and founder of Modern Times
Sarah Kelk, 'Daydreaming', Acrylic on Canvas, Framed in Tasmanian Oak, 460 x 360mm, 2022

The unpredictable nature of the past year has provided a changed perspective, and if lucky, finally a chance to unwind. But how long can we feel like this? Can we find comfort? Where on the spectrum of unwinding do you find yourself today and what might be the implications? Perhaps in unwinding, we need to find a new form to fit in to a changed world.

We hope you’ll join us 17 November from 6-8pm to celebrate the launch of a truly sensational show! We look forward to welcoming you into the showroom with an evening celebrating the importance of art in difficult times.


Caro Pattle, 'Soft Rock, You Relaxing #1', Textile, Steel, 480 x 540 x 500mm, 2022