Open Wednesday 8 November at 10 am
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6-8pm, Thursday 16 November 2017

Exhibition Dates
16 – 30 November, 2017

Saturday Artist Talk
10 – 11am, Saturday 18 October
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Modern Times is proud to welcome back Melbourne artist Sarah Kelk with her latest body of work Common Ground, opening Thursday 16 November. Having completed the Jacky Winter Residency earlier this year, Kelk has embraced the colour, texture and quiet of nature as the starting elements to create her latest series.

Casting Long Shadows,
Original Painting
by Sarah Kelk

As the final exhibition for the year, our curator Irina Asriian is thrilled to announce this show, “We’re delighted to announce the final show for the year; Common Ground by Sarah Kelk has a distinctly bold direction and edgy palate, it is sophisticated and brings with it a hopeful energy!” Her distinct layered and energetic approach to painting is reconciled to include a more structured collection of ideas.

I always feel like I’m torn with the style of my work. On one hand, I feel a strong need to work in an expressionist style, and then once I start, I always get pulled into the idea of producing strong, bold and geometric compositions. In this latest body of work, I decided embrace both of those feelings”
— Sarah Kelk
I am Hiding,
Original Painting
by Sarah Kelk

Allowing process to be the guide, Sarah’s works hint at the inner serenity for which one strives, creating space where possible and working within the confines where space isn’t available. Her navigation of the canvas, layers of colour and remnants of brush stroke evoke an idealistic perspective, one where the peace of one’s environment can be conjured simply through the act of looking.

Sarah Kelk, Common Grounds, Opening Thursday 16th November, 6pm

Join us and Sarah Kelk at the opening of ‘Common Ground’ and enjoy a tipple courtesy of T’Gallant, Karma Cola and new event partner Sample Brew.

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