Open Wednesday 9th May at 10 am
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6-8pm, Thursday 17th May 2018

Exhibition Dates
17 -30 May 2018

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Black Hearts & Sparrows

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We are thrilled to present our first group show for 2018, Newest & Rising, a cutting-edge exhibition featuring the work of seven emerging artists, Elle Burguez, Kate Dambach, Kathryn Dolby, Katie Eraser, Jade Sibinovski, Saxon Quinn and Max Lawrence White. Opening Thursday 17 May in our Fitzroy gallery space, the exhibition will feature over 30 works by the seven talented artists who each explore a separate set of ideas, methods and approaches in their painting practice.

It is a big thrill to see the medium of painting explored by an emerging group of artist in such diverse way! The show delivers a visually stunning array of works and touches on a number of ideas that highlight just how relevant this medium really is. A must see show!”
— Irina Asriian, Gallery Curator
Newest & Rising, Featuring Seven Contemporary Australian Artists, Opening Thursday 17th May, 6pm

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