We are so happy to invite you to our first group show for this year, Life Within, a group exhibition uniting the works of Mark Alsweiler (NZ), Sandra Eterovic and Kasper Raglus in rumination on life’s little details.

Inspired by objects, daily rituals and observations Life Within creates an opportunity to explore what drives individual philosophies, identities and the meaning of it all through the diverse and lasting medium of paint.


Seen through the lens of each artist’s practice viewers are encouraged to consider art’s interpretation of life and in turn the role it plays creating those meanings. Mark’s work is quintessentially happy and intentionally so! The paintings are comprised of life-inspired scenes and create a romanticized version of every day living. His wooden sculptures extend from the characters in his paintings, building on their narratives within a three-dimensional context.

Untitled 3
By Mark Alsweiler

By contrast Kasper’s paintings solicit momentary suspension from the real, at times resembling doorways or entry points to dimensions beyond the third. His highly textured plains of abstract forms resemble prism-filtered rays of light. This reference to light is able to subtly convey the passage of time as well as its interruption. Kasper’s painting, “Sorry That I Missed You” embodies these concepts most prominently.

Slow Thrill
By Kasper Raglus

Sandra’s highly biographical works explore her relationship with identity and the experience of life’s idiosyncrasies, including narratives from her youth up to today. Her work “Split 1979” traces a relationship with the location Split, Yugoslavia where she first went as a child and has revisited many times since. Teetering between private and public, her work touches on human relationships, lifestyles and the journey to happiness.

Read My Mind
By Sandra Eterovic

Join us together with our Artists at the opening to enjoy wonderful art and a celebratory drink kindly supplied by Scotchmans Hill and Colonial Brewing Co.

Exhibition Details:

Opening 6-8pm, Thursday 13 July

Pre-Sales open Wednesday 5 July

RSVP to events@moderntimes.com.au or via our Facebook page

To register for pre-sales contact pip@moderntimes.com.au

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