We’re thrilled to announce Andy Pye’s upcoming show, Magma : Gamma. Pye’s first solo exhibition at Modern Times captures the essence of the rugged bushland and rock forms of the southern Grampians in South West Victoria with an effervescent optimism.

Exhibition Dates
11-23 August, 2022

Exhibition Opening
6-8pm, Thursday 11 August – please remember to BYO vessel!
Wurundjeri, 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy

We’re also looking forward to hosting Andy Pye in the showroom on Saturday 13 August for a live painting event from 12pm – please come mingle, say hi and watch the magic happen!

Exhibition Partners
Blackhearts & Sparrows

Exhibition Presales
10am, Thursday 4 August via email. We will not be registering interest in specific works, so if you spy a piece you love in the catalogue, 10am on 4 August is the best time to contact us to secure it.

“Southern Grampians – Gariwerd, Dunkeld. The gravity of the mountain Wurgarri. She attracts the light, she absorbs it, emits when she wants.

In the 2004th year AD she lit up – the crevasse from the southwestern standpoint facing east. A man that knows me and her- he told me it will take another 2 millennia for her to light up like that again. I was there that day, down and out. The crevasse, dozens of meters wide and perhaps hundreds deep, hadn’t seen light until then. When the light went into her, it glowed a pumping neon green off her mosses, untouched by light, or any soul, since the common era began. The ‘bryophyta populi’ canal is seared in my cortex.”

– Andy Pye

Close up of Pumping Neon Moment With Mad Gamma, Original Artwork By Andy Pye, Oil on Linen, Framed in Tasmanian Oak, 810 x 810mm, 2022

Working amongst the life, sound, movement and ‘solitary’ landscape of the Australian bush, painter Andy Pye chooses a scene of the Australian condition and captures it at face value. Drawing inspiration from myths and layered histories of the area, Pye is drawn to the volcanic nature of the landscape, bodies of water, and the connections between rock, light and magnetism. Each work is a window in to a realm removed from the day-to-day experience of our lives. Filled with vibrancy and movement, yet mystery lurks in the shadows.

There’s lots of unresolved chaos in my work, and some order that is imposed through the compositional process.”
— Andy Pye
Gamma All The Way To The Coast, Original Artwork By Andy Pye, Oil on Linen, Framed in Tasmanian Oak, 1300 x 1900mm, 2022

Magma : Gamma showcases Pye’s idiosyncratic approach to landscape painting. Brushstrokes are carefully placed, and yet somehow effortlessly capture the movement and transience of the light on a moss-covered rock or peeling bark of a eucalyptus trunk. Pye describes the emus which populate much of this series as ‘wandering in’ as if of their own accord, outside of his plans for the painting.

Ghost Emus At The Base Of Mud-Dadjug, Original Artwork By Andy Pye, Oil on Linen, Framed in Tasmanian Oak, 810 x 810mm, 2022

To those accustomed with the region, Pye’s landmarks will be familiar – Mt Abrupt, Mt Sturgeon, the various waterways and dolines are all there – yet something about them is heightened. The spiritualism of the area, central to the creation stories of the Jadawadjali and Djab Wurrung people who have had an association with the area traditionally known as Gariwerd for more than 30,000 years, permeates the scenes.

I approach the Australian Bush at face value, and from inside it. There’s no hidden meaning to my work. It is the Australian Bush.”
— Andy Pye
Artist image shot by Jaccob McKay Photography.

Pye has a natural ability to choose a scene of the Australian bush and capture it, continuing the work of the pioneer Australian Modernists, paying homage to their motif and legacy. He works out of his bush studio near Eldorado in northern Victoria, where he paints en plein air, capturing the native bushland.

Pye has exhibited widely in a number of Victorian galleries and his works are held in private and corporate collections in Australia, the USA, Canada, France and the United Kingdom.

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