We’re thrilled to welcome Melbourne-based artist Sarah Kelk back to the gallery for her third solo exhibition at Modern Times, Everyday Ephemera.

We’ll be sharing this exhibition online and in our Fitzroy gallery. While we’re still unsure whether we’ll be able to open our doors, we can promise a show-stopping window display and a killer online offering to take you ‘inside’ the exhibition and Sarah’s studio.

The catalogue is available to download below and sales will open at 10am on October 22 via phone and email. If you wish to purchase a work, this is the best time to contact us. Please be ready to secure the work through payment in full.

October 29 – November 12

Online & In Our Fitzroy Gallery

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With the changing landscape of 2020, Sarah's plans for her solo show shifted and she looked closer to home for inspiration, finding it within the walls of her studio.

Sarah Kelk is a Melbourne based painter whose work is expressive, colourful and abstract. Everyday Ephemera follows the trajectory of past shows as Sarah’s work becomes simultaneously more structured and more relaxed; small areas of colour have given way to large swathes of paint with hard edges.

The tighter compositions of earlier work have been released, allowing these blocks of colour to take on a more floaty quality as layers of underpainting become visible in between. The subtly directional brushwork and layering bring a soft, fluid energy to each work.

'Isolated Edition', original artwork by Sarah Kelk, exhibiting as part of 'Everyday Ephemera' from October 29 at Modern Times.

Inspired by the the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sarah’s world became smaller and she looked closer to home for inspiration. In particular, within the walls of her own studio and the library of visual inspiration she has collected over many years.

“I had grand ideas earlier in 2020 on what this show was going to be about, but with lockdowns in place due to Covid-19, my focus very much moved inwards. I was seeking simplicity – and reaching out to the comforts and connections of what surrounded me,” explains Sarah.

Sarah’s latest work has a dreamy quality, like gazing through a window, eyes half closed while the mind gently wanders. The work is calming but resonant with the energy of everyday life.”
— Modern Times Director, Amy Malin

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