We’re excited to announce our upcoming show, Cascade Rumble, by Naarm (Melbourne) -based multimedia artist, Daniel O’Toole.

Exhibition Dates
17 February – 1 March 2022

Exhibition Partners
Blackhearts & Sparrows

Available for download from 10am Thursday 3 February. Keep an eye on your inbox or on this page.

Exhibition Presales:
10am, Thursday 10 February via phone and email. We will not be registering interest in specific works, so if you spy a piece you love in the catalogue, 10am on 10 February is the best time to contact us to secure it.

Exhibition Opening:
3-6pm, Saturday 19 February. Please click here to book a spot.

Cosmic Egg
Dye Sublimation on Aluminium
Custom Welded Aluminium Frame, Mirror Inlay, Acrylic Face
600 x 500mm

Cascade : a process whereby something, typically information or knowledge, is successively passed on.

Rumble : a continuous deep, resonant sound.

Cascade Rumble is a series of works intended to breathe and hum a frequency of sound that resonates in the mind, while the sonic considerations of colour and their inter-connected relations are a subtle study of personal experiences with synaesthesia. Daniel O’Toole explores what it offers us, in terms of developing new ways to interpret and understand both visual and auditory frequencies.

Glowing Ochre (Detail)
Dye Sublimation on Aluminium
Custom Welded Aluminium Frame, Mirror Inlay, Acrylic Face
600 x 500mm

This exhibition reflects on the notion that sound can pass on knowledge, and asks the question: if sounds can be a conduit for information, how complex and specific can that message be?

Are we being affected or informed by sounds in everyday life in ways that are imperceptible?

Can an image feel as though it has a sound frequency embedded in it, and what would that look like?

The refraction effect that is explored in my painting and sculpture is intended to draw attention to the time it takes for light to enter and return from the space within the frame.”
— Daniel O'Toole

O’Toole’s latest collection presents the intricacies of the colour spectrum, magnified and manipulated to create works that pulse and glow. Discretely placed mirrors allow each piece to reflect back on itself, blurring the line between artwork and frame. In this way, each work is influenced by its surroundings, with ambient light altering the perceived surface, which combined with the vibrant colours creates a sense of dynamic movement from within the static work.

Winter Light
Synthetic Polymer on Aluminium Panel
Custom Welded Aluminium Frame, Mirror Inlay, Acrylic Face
800 x 700mm

His work embraces imperfection and low-resolution modes of recording as an aesthetic decision, as well as the the refraction of light – these nuanced micro-events that can be easily missed in everyday life form the focus of the time-based works and emphasises ‘seeing’ as an active engagement rather than a passive receiving.

Deliberately slowing down the viewing pace, it is an invitation to physically interact with distilled natural phenomena.”
— Daniel O'Toole

We are looking forward to celebrating the launch of a truly sensational show with an opening event! This will run from 3-6pm Saturday 19 February.

​However, some things will work slightly differently this time – the opening event is BYO drinking vessel so please remember to bring your own glass or object to drink from. You will also need to book a spot to attend, which you can do so here.

We will be here with our friends and exhibition partners Blackhearts & Sparrows, SAMPLE Brew and StrangeLove to celebrate this wonderful body of work – we hope you will join us!

A gentle reminder that as per the Victorian Government guidelines for arts venues, all guests attending the opening of Cascade Rumble must be fully vaccinated, and show proof of vaccination on arrival. Please wear a face mask, respect social distancing and check in with our QR code. There are limits to our capacity so please be patient with us and those around you as we monitor and respect all Covid guidelines for a safe and enjoyable evening for all!

Portrait of O'Toole by James Whiting.

Building on the Los Angeles ‘light and space’ movement of the 1960’s, O’Toole’s work is positioned in the post-digital context of contemporary Australia. Working across the mediums of painting, video, sound and installation, he blurs the lines between disciplines – always looking for an outcome which unites the various aspects of his practice in a cohesive way.

O’Toole has exhibited regularly around Australia in over 30 exhibitions since the beginning of his professional career in 2008. He has shown at the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Art Gallery of Benalla, performed live painting at the Powerhouse Museum and worked internationally on residency programs in Berlin and Lyon. O’Toole showed a video piece in an exhibition in Lyon titled ‘Ici maintenant’ (here now) and was part of the 2017 Lyon Biennale. More recently, O’Toole has had a sell out show with Curatorial and Co, Sydney, and in September 2021 was part of the Brussels Affordable Art Fair, Belgium, represented by Nationale 8 Gallery.

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