Modern Times is delighted to present Chaos and The Psyche, a captivating and vibrant exhibition of new work by painter Liam Haley and ceramicist Joana Partyka.

Chaos and The Psyche invites you to embark on an introspective journey into the tapestry of the human psyche through a collection of mesmerising paintings and sculptural ceramics that swirl, drip and ooze colour and texture. Haley and Partyka’s creative dialogue brings forth a symbiotic relationship, one that explores the profound connection between one's self and the gnostic state of mind.


Pictured: Detailed shot of ‘Surreal Estate’, Acrylic on Waxed Canvas by Liam Haley.


Haley’s paintings draw you into a vortex of vivid colour and fragmented forms. Painted onto recycled wax awnings, bold strokes of forest green punctuated with dashes of pastel pinks and soft yellow, express both beauty and a turbulence that lie beneath the surface. 

He builds upon the canvas in free flowing layers of paint and pastel, bearing an expressive and deeply personal quality. The allure of recycled materials, coupled with the vibrant patterns found on the canvas, serves as a wellspring of inspiration, both visually and materially. This upcycled medium carries a profound significance—a sanctuary, a protected space, and a playground for therapeutic self-expression.


Pictured: ‘Aboslutes’, Stoneware Vessel by Joana Partyka.


Partyka’s ceramic works complement Haley’s paintings in situ, adding a three dimensionality and tangible expression of the psyche. The sculptures exhibit the most intricate of textures, pushing the boundaries of her medium with bold organic shapes. Adorned with frills and pinched patterns, her vessels are rich in detail, with each object holding their own unique personality. 

Partyka's hand-crafted pieces showcase a mastery of form and texture, one that embodies a complex interplay of the strength and fragility that resides within.


On the Journal: In Conversation with Haley + Partyka