Zachary Frankel’s design process begins with an open exploration of form and material across a variety of mediums and styles. Through a process of experimentation, his aim is to develop new ideas without a commercial imperative, letting his intuition and curiosity guide him.

Frankel's work, often carrying strong geometric volumes and referencing historical styles, is also undeniably contemporary. Unbound by a particular material or process, Frankel often deploys traditional methods, such as steam bending, hand carving, or mortise and tenon joinery, often used alongside contemporary technology including CNC machinery or vacuum forming to bring his designs to life.

Rejecting the formal constraints of furniture design, his work is intuitive and experimental, demonstrating a synergy between considered technique, the artistic concept, and the process of crafting the piece.

In addition to his range of made-to-order pieces, Frankel works regularly with architects, interior designers and private clients on commissions to create unique custom pieces.