Seb Brown Jewellery was established in 2010 as a reaction against the alarming boom in "fast fashion" and to produce charming niche curios with love and care in contrast against the more impersonal, mass-produced produits ennuyeux of the factory lines. Trained in Communication Design at RMIT University, Brown's jewellery practice began as an escape from the "amend, wait, amend, wait" process of design, with said practice now incorporating, as it does, photography, collage and illustration.

A celebration of texture, angles, balance and the beauty of materiality, Brown produces an ever-evolving collection of high-quality, one-off pieces, which -- textured, weighty, and perfectly imperfect -- reference the nuances of daily life. Made to be worn everyday, this is jewellery to reflect the wearer. Celebrating the oft-unnoticed, and being, in a curious way, subtly political, the jewellery has generated acclaim both here in Australia and internationally.