Dutch designer Peter Ghyczy is steadfast in his belief that within design, everything must have a purpose, and that good construction is at its very core.

“One of the characteristics of my design is construction, and I like to show this. I’m not ashamed of it. Even a screw can be beautiful in the right place,” he says.

Born in Hungary but later fleeing to Germany with his family, Ghyczy studied constructional engineering at the Technical University of Aachen, graduating in 1967. During his studies he worked as an architectural assistant to renowned German architect Rudolf Steinbach and went on to work on designs for major makers and factories in Germany, including Vitra.

The trademark casting and clamping techniques which hero the delicate, floating appearance of frameless glass held in place by a single screw have become the designer’s signature. It’s a process Ghyczy continues to explore and perfect with local craftsman today.