Stephen Baker is a Melbourne based artist working from the Everfresh Studios in Collingwood. In recent years Stephen has exhibited in various galleries and has also entered into the public space domain completing large scale mural projects in and around Melbourne.

In bars and cafes, Baker sits and sketches—not only his physical surroundings but also the stories they evoke. A feeling of escapism (in the filmic sense) permeates the work. Brooding interiors; the mood evoked by a room; a sense that there's something unfolding just beyond view.

Returning to the studio, Baker brings his sketches to life by re-imagining them as a series of geometric shapes. He adds colour using a palette arranged from Pantone reference books.

Each is mixed and matched by eye before being applied to canvas or board. "To me, these scenes only come to life once the bold lines are applied, providing divisions between the colours." It's an exacting process that results in an aesthetic both distinctive and familiar.