Working amongst the life, sound, movement and 'solitary' landscape of the Australian bush, painter Andy Pye chooses a scene of the Australian condition and captures it at face value. Whether this be the exposed trees after the rains, revealing fluorescent pink trunks or the varieties of limb arrangements and floor scenes, Pye has a natural ability to choose a scene of the Australian bush and capture it, continuing the work of the pioneer Australian Modernists, paying homage to their motif and legacy.

"I started painting the alleys and terrace houses of North Fitzroy in 1999, completely hooked on Danila Vassilieff," says Pye. "Now I paint trees, but I do try to encourage my unconscious intonations of brushstroke to still mimic that hero of mine. There's lots of unresolved chaos in my work, and some order that is imposed through the compositional process."

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