This is How We Walk on the Moon by Caroline Walls

The female form has always played an integral role in Caroline's artistic practice and these works are a continuation of this study. Where previously she has been interested in the detailed lines and contours that make up the female form, this new body of work looks at the female silhouette as a solidified whole - reducing the body to its most essential form in order to heighten it's expressive power.

The process of reduction plays an essential part in the creation of this series of artworks, subtracting detail and simplifying forms to create highly abstracted artworks that although streamlined still hope to maintain a sense of expression and vitality. It is as much about the lines that Caroline does choose to paint as it is about the lines she choose to leave out, with simplification of form being at the core of this new collection.

After an fantastic responce to pre-sale this exhibition is now sold out. sell out pre-sale we are are happy to offer a fine edit of limited edition screen prints as an extension of Caroline's exhibition. Shop screen prints exclusive to Modern Times here.