iGuzzini produces top quality indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. It is the Italian leader in technical and architectural lighting and ranks amongst the leading companies worldwide.

Originally founded by the sons of Mariano Guzzini under the name ‘Harvey Creazioni.’ The company was set up to produce artistic objects in enameled copper. The choice of the name was in reference to Harvey, the invisible giant rabbit and friend of James Steward in the film of the same name. 

Harvey was the nucleaus of the future iGuzzini Illuminazione, which soon moved from the production of copper objects into the supplemented manufacture of lighting equipment in plastic, abandoning the production of copper products all together in 1964. The same year the first catalog of lighting was made by Giancarlo Capici offering a linguistically autonomous production of lamps.

Since the early years iGuzzini has collaborated with leading architects and designers such as: Gio Ponti, Rodolfo Bonetto, Bruno Gecchelin, Renzo Pian, Norman Foster, Gae Aulenti, Piero Castiglioni and Jean Michel Wilmotte, among others.